Drives Program Requirements

Participation is self-guided using the curriculum map as your guide. You will complete a series of required PowerFlex Drives courses related to your job responsibilities, plus two course electives.

For course details, refer to the curriculum map below. After completing the courses, you will complete an online assessment to confirm your Drives knowledge. To earn the PowerFlex Drives certificate, the program requirements must be completed within 12 months.

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Rewards & Benefits

Participants and employers can both benefit from the Drives Certificate Program:

  • By receiving a Certificate of Achievement, the participant benefits from increased competency. The employer can expand their industrial applications with cutting-edge PowerFlex drives technology and knowledge
  • By receiving a Rockwell Automation shirt with Certificate Program emblem, the participant receives professional recognition of their training. The employer has verification that employees have necessary training to complete their work faster and more effectively, and they have the credentials to make an impact
  • By leveraging Job Aids, participants gain a competitive edge and employers demonstrate a commitment to employees for professional education and development
  • Participants can receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that count as credit towards continuing education requirements.

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How to Complete the Program

To enroll in the Logix Certificate program, contact your local Distributor, Rockwell Automation sales office, or enroll online.

Track and complete your course requirements and final assessment (fee required) within a 12-month time frame. To complete the final assessment, contact your local Distributor.