Safety Webinar – Products for safety applications

Safety seminars often focus on either theoretical concepts like standards and legislation, or application-specific topics like circuit design and wiring. In this webinar, we will merge both the theory and example of application, so not only will you gain a basic understanding of standards and legislation, but also basic practical knowledge of how to apply those concepts in an actual working design.
This session covers products and their application in functional safety area. We will make very shortly overview of safety products, point at standards where to look at and show typical wiring diagrams for most common applications in your industry. This should enable you to find very easy product which you exactly need in the future as well. In this session, you will learn:
  • Specify right product for application
  • Which standard is useful to know when you are applying safety products
  • How to apply products in your applications
  • Find resources you need for your application

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