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Migration Made Easy
Migrating your RSView 32 project to FactoryTalk View SE can be accomplished with the help of Rockwell Automation services or one of our trusted partners. Or, you can Do It Yourself with the aid of the videos available below. Learn how you can Prepare for, Execute, and Validate your own migration process.

Watch all chapters, or skip to the chapters of interest using the playlist on the right side of the video player.
HMI Migration: Preparing
Preparing for Migration
Learn how to prepare your RSView32 project for migration, including best practices to ensure the migration goes smoothly.
HMI Migration: Executing
Executing Migration
Learn how to import an RSView32 project into a FactoryTalk View SE Network Station application, configure communications, work with imported alarms, and run the new project.
HMI Migration: Validating
Validating Migration
This final video series demonstrates how RSView32 nodes are brought into FactoryTalk View SE during the migration process and discusses considerations when moving VBA code into the FactoryTalk View SE project.
Migrate NOW!
Tell us a little about your application and migration plans; then we will have one of our application specialists call you to work out a detailed plan.
Migration Solutions at Rockwell Automation
Learn about migration options that will result in better performance, more informed business decisions, reduced maintenance costs, and quicker response to changing market demands.
Services and Solutions at Rockwell Automation
Our commitment to you is to help reduce project risk and provide solutions specifies to your needs - executed globally and supported locally. learn how we can help you optimize your operation and protect your investment.