Webinar: Smart Devices

Are you curious to know how industrial smart devices can help enable your machines and equipment to be more productive? Do you have production lines that you require to be more information-enabled?

We have prepared a new webinar for you that will guide you through the three major pillars of Smart Devices.

Smart Safety

Smart Safety solutions provide detailed diagnostic data to your design environment, visualization system, information software, and GuardLogix Programmable Automation Controller – enabling smarter machines for use in The Connected Enterprise.

Smart Sensors

An integrated Smart Sensor solution provides all the data required to create a comprehensive picture of the status of the machine or production line. As integral components of The Connected Enterprise, Smart Sensors are the first step in going from the real world to the virtual world.

Smart Motor Control

Smart Motor Control provides key diagnostic information that optimize performance with real time access to operation and performance trends. With Smart Motor Control solutions, it is possible to monitor the health and performance of each motor to help identify, in advance, potential issues that could lead to unwanted downtime or reduced productivity levels.


Karel Stibor - Solution Architect Safety
TÜV Functional Safety Engineer 4224/11

2007-2010 on position of Account Manager Integrated Architecture and Account Manager Safety in Rockwell Automation, job description was sales of products for industrial automation with territorial responsibility – part of Czech Republic and sales of products for functional safety for Czech, Slovak and Hungary
2010-toady on position Solution Architect safety in company Rockwell Automation, job description is technical and legislation support of customers using safety products and solutions in region of Central and South Eaast Europe
2002-today – member of standartisation sub-commision for electrical equipement of machinery under Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ)

Peter Madarász - Commercial Engineer
Commercial Engineer responsible for Drives and High Power Components. 26 years old, Graduate from the pilot EMEA Graduate program at Rockwelll Automation. In the current position of Commercial Engineer for more than a year. Living in Slovakia, based in Bratislava and responsible for the CSEE region. Mostly working on the Slovak and Hungarian market.